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    Major Problem People!!

    I did a 8 week cycle of 250mg of sus one week the the same of deca the next. (STUPID CYCLE I ALREADY KNOW) i did little pct, didnt lose much gains but my sex drive is none existant,

    So i just started a test cycle week 1 500mg week 2 and 3 250mg, i did this cos im with a new girl who is hot and couldnt keep it up,

    The problem is i still cant even tho im into another cycle, my boys are still shrunken a little so i have been takin 1ml 1500iu e5d and 20mg nolva everyday.

    What should i do cos i need a quick fix if at all possible, i've killed out viagra but they give me headache's and dont want to rely on any sex drug my drive was fantastic before i started and desperately want it back

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    I think you should get off everything and get your natural test going again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speak
    I think you should get off everything and get your natural test going again.
    Ditto - If the hot chick walks - that would suck but you can find another. A LOT harder to replace f****ed up bodily functions.

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    get off, and run a proper PCT of Clomid alone.

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    Stop steroids ,star Clomid at proper time,wait 2 or 3 month out of roids.
    Then READ AND LERN a good cycle and a proper pct,we are here for you Bro...!good luck with your new girlfrend...!

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    im having the same exact prob as brady,

    I did an 8 week cycle of sus/deca ... my last shot of sus/deca was almost 4 weeks ago, 2 wks prior to PCT i started taking 10 mg nolva a day then uped it with using HCG doing it 750ui EOD for 10 days, at the day after my last shot of sus/deca

    then starrted clomid/nolvadex after HCG , but no roids,, does anyone know a normal time frame for when your natural test returns, and if it takes longer with long acting compunds like/sus/deca than it does with quicker ones, wouldnt it be better to use short acting ones,, this applys to other drugs like opiates, but i was wondering if it does with roids as well... and minus the 3 week half life layover that sus/deca is in you before pct, does it still take longer?

    i wish i started this cycle now instead of before because my drive was through the

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