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    Too late to start PCT?

    Had an unfortunate medical problem that requires medication that conflicts with AAS. Needless to say, my overall health is more important than any muscle gains tat can always be achieved again. My cycle had to end at 10 weeks of Wk 1-9 Sustanon 500 mg/wk
    Wk 2-10 Deca 400 mg/wk
    Wk 10 Test Cyp 500 mg for just that one week
    It has been one month, somehow forgot or got lazy or whatever and didn't start my PCT on time. Realize I should have ideally stopped the Deca one week before the Test and started the PCT about 17 or so days after my last Test shot but I did not and that is why I am posting this thread for advice....

    I have 1 bottle of Clomiphene Citrate 70ml, 35mg/ml
    and 1 bottle of Tamoxifen Citrate 50ml, 20mg/ml

    Any recommendations based on what I wrote? Thanks in advance...Hans

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    start it ASAP it will help a lot with recovery

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