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    HERBS and such for natural test

    We all know about tribulous, but do you guys know of any other herbs/roots/berries/food that works well for increasing natural test?

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    Foods high in unsaturated fats (like nuts and olives) and foods high in zinc (like oysters). Actually I don't think zinc increases total test, but only free due to binding with SHBG, either way free test is what you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madflabby
    do you guys know of any other herbs that works well for increasing natural test?
    Tongkat ali in 1:200 concentration

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    There is a great article in muscle and fitness magazine that lists about 5 different ones and even suggests a stack... im sorry i dont have it handy but it does exist it might even be last months issue... if i can find it when i go home this weekend i will post.

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