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    PCT start time confusion

    I'm on 200 deca and 400 test for 10 weeks with .5 arimidex EOD i have nolva and clomid. the PCT start time thread says to wait 18-21 days after but the steriod .com beginners cycle has nolva being used throughout(even duing the 18-21 days). When should I stop the dex and when should I start the nolva? i havent decided if I'm using the clomid or not. thx

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    People run Nolvadex throughout the cycle cause Deca has estrogenic effects. You will definently need to wait after last injection because Deca is very long-acting. In truth, Deca is one of the hardest compounds to recover from (PCT included). You will need considerable off time between next cycle of anything. Many ppl don't realize it but Nova and Clomid are quite similar in their actions. Generally tho, clomid is recommended for PCT, if not both.

    Armidex during your cycle of just Deca was probably a bad idea. You probably oversuppressed estrogen hindering gains and hurting your joints. Wait, sorry, I forgot you ran it with Test, but still be careful to have some estrogen.

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    you dont need aridimex at all with that cycle. nolvadex and clomid act almost identically, but nolva is a bit more effective. you should run nolvadex all the time and you have to include pregnil at least 2 injections with 3000u every 5 days. the 1st injection should be at the 12 day after the last shot of deca or after 8-9 day of the test(if it is cypionat r enenantat).

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