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    Letro-Too harsh?

    Feeling some symptoms of gyno in my nips. I'm on test cyp 500 mg a week, 10 weeks.

    I thought maybe some Letro, but I've been reading and heard Letro can be harsh while on cycle? Any opinions on this? I was thinking about ordering some....

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    Order some for sure bro, especially since your catching those gyno symptoms early. I have ran letro while on and didn't feel it was too harsh. .5mgs (i think) Oh course if you use too much then i could see it being too harsh, in that case l-dex would be my next choice but, or even bumping up your nolvadex .. BUT, letro is def my first choice. Anybody else?

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    I disagree- I thiink Letro is too harsh and if you starting to get gyno go with Nolvadex 80 mg ED till its gone and arimidex in the place of Letro.

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