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Thread: Serious Help

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    Serious Help

    I ran a 4 week cycle of E...Max and Prostanazol and Test 200. I got off due to irrability and ran the following PCT for 4 weeks

    Clomid 150/100/50/50
    Nolvadex 60/40/20/20
    Fenugreek 2g/2.5g/3g/3.5g
    DHEA 50/50 - 2 Weeks only

    Well after all that I thought I was fine. Well now I am on the following.

    1.Ectotropin - 1 month cycle
    2.Vitex - Trib,long jack, etc...
    3.Andractim - for small case of gyno...
    4.Liquid Cialis - all this sh*t does is stop my nose up and induce headaches..

    Here is the problem. I have zero sex drive, but I wake up every morning with wood. WTF? ..... I am dead serious zero sex drive. I am not sure but test levels feel fine but the drive and desire is lacking, and If someone can't help me my wife will find out when I go to the doc and I will be S**T out of luck....

    What should I do? Last time I had this problem, I took a large dose of HCG to shock my system then started Clomid and Nolvadex again?

    I am lost guys and need some guidance....

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    well, you said it yourself: last time you had that problem, you used hcg and then went to clomid/nolva. why wouldn't you do that again? especially if you're going, with the wife, to the doc for a checkup soon...

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