I am going to start my third cycle this fall and I am in the planning stages now. I know I am going to run some combo of nolva/ ldex/ and letro. just not sure what. I think I may have a slight case of gyno, but its been there forever since (adolecence). the reason I think it might be gyno is because the left is different than the right, its not bad at all, just noticable to me. What I was wondering was how much letro to start with? Should I start with a higher dose and take a shot at trying to reverse what I have? Maybe starting it a bit early?

Aslo I am planning on this being a cutting/ hardening cycle so I was going to run ldex and nolva for the bloating, I was wondering if all that was necessary or I could get away with just letro and nolva?

my cycle will either be tren A and prop OR tren E and test E. I was gonna do tren/ prop, but now can get tren E for same $$ haven't decided for sure yet.

thanks guys