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    can anyone answer my question

    i am not to shure on how many bottles of Liquidex i will need this cycle for a 18 week cycle as well how do you take this stuff from AAR
    i want to start my cycle in 2 days if i can find out how many bottles i need
    i want to run clen but is it a good idea to run in the begining or at my the start of 13 week

    weeks 1- 6: 60mg Dbol x4
    weeks 1-14: 400mg test blend 2ccs
    weeks 1-13: 300mg eq 2ccs
    weeks 1-12: 100mg Tren Acet 2ccs HCG A half shot
    weeks 13-18 50mg/day D-bol
    weeks 13-18:50mg winny depot 2ccs HCG other half shot
    weeks:13-18:clen in 60mcg 3x

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    usual each dropper equal 1mg/ML in a 60ML BOTTLE
    so it would be just simple math
    if you need t take .5mg/ed then you would have 120 doses per bottle or 4 months worth of l-dex

    So, one to two bottles would be good.

    I would run the clen in the end of the cycle during PCT

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