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Thread: PCT Help

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    Question PCT Help

    OK I am 6' 2" 220 lbs & 39 yrs

    week 1-12 test e @ 500 mg week
    week 2-10 deca 300 QV @ 300 mg week
    week 10-14 anavar @ 50 mg per day

    My question what should i run with cycle and what should i run as PCT (how much & how long) what do you guys mean by tracers when on PCT?

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    Hey man,
    To avoid testicular atrophy, which aids in resuming natural test production post cycle, i would run hcg at 500ius every four days during week 1-13 (Remember only during cycle and pct).

    Also to avoid estrogen related side effects, and aid pct, i would run arimidex at 0.5mg everyday during your cycle and pct.

    Then for pct, run nolvadex at 20mg everyday for four weeks. And also clomid at 300mg on day one, then 100mg everyday for two weeks, and finally 50mg everyday for two weeks.

    *Note that some people only run nolvadex post cycle, or just clomid, i prefer a combination. But certainly hcg i describe as essential, your pct will be far more effective. And also arimidex is essential to avoid gyno and such.

    Hope this helps!

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