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    Research Chems??? Is it the same, worse, or better??

    Research Chems?
    I started ^this^ thread because i couldnt find real clen but i found some. However, im still curious about PCT research chems.
    Let me know what you guys think about research chems being the same, worse(less effective), or maybe even better than pharmaceutical grade products. Either post here or take my poll here Research Chems?


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    JMO: If i new that the research chemical "clen ", in other words, the liquid form, was 100% legite and accurate, and that the pharmaceutical grade "clen" was 100% legite and accurate, I'd go with the research chemical. Its a no brainer. Even if the chem was more expensive, id still go with it because of the absorbtion rate. They not only have a faster and more accurate absorbtion rate but Liquids have a 98% absorbtion rate compared to a pill 60%. Since most research chems are liquids, I'd go with the chems. Again, JMO.

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