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Thread: hcg???when??

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    there seems to be a big difference in opinion on when to run hcg before you finish your cylce or during pct??? the debate is open tell your stance an y? an play nice

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    JMO, but i havn't had good experience with HCG . I prefer clomid which is run during PCT, # of days after last injection is according to the half life of the ester with which you last injected. IAs an example, test-enanthate has a half life of 10-14 days. So you would begin Clomid therapy 10-14 days after last test-e injection. I know this doesn't answer your question about HCG, but maybe it can give you some other things to look into, as if you need anymore things to look into, there is so much out there already

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    I've read quite a bit and the consensus seems to be during the cycle not during pct. I have used it a lot cause I have used tren a lot. Keep in touch with your nuts, literally, because if you loose a lot of size there during the cycle it is time to start the hcg 500iu every 4th day or 2 days straight every week at 500 iu's.

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    i was also wondering about HCG . we need a deeper profile on HCG...

    any ideas guys?

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