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    Nipples Sore, No Lumps or Liquid?

    I'm running a cycle of 100mg fina/100 mg test prop eod. My nipples are always hard and are somewhat sore. This started about 2-3 weeks into the cycle. I began the nolvadex at this time. Though there is no liquid coming out nor are there any bumps underneath the surface. I'm wondering whether this is a progesterone or estrogen issue? Also I had to take a week off from the cycle, which though it obviously wreaked havoc on my hormone levels, caused the soreness to completely dissipate. What could be the problem? I'm also taking letrozole at 2.5 mg ed, and nolvadex and 50 mg ed. Any hypotheses?

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    you had to take a week off!? dude.. if you gotta stop, you gotta stop. especially with suppliments with such short halflives as fina and prop. i wouldnt doubt it if your sides near doubled. not a good idea.

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    i am on 75mg (eod)prop and 75mg every 3nd day of fina for 4week and on nolvadex 50mg eod and it's looking good

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