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    How much nolva/clomid for PCT?

    Alright, im planning on starting a cycle of 500mg per week(for 14 weeks) of test E, and 400mg per week (for 12 weeks) of EQ. But im wondering how much nolva, and clomi per week i should take, and will 4 weeks PCT be good. And last but not least, should I take a natural test booster during PCT, or will this put to much straign on my body? thanks


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    Well, I'll tell you what i believe always works and I have been told it's pretty solid advice. I think this will keep 95% of gains and minimize any Post-Cycle problems that may occur:

    What to buy:
    Nolvadex - 840mg
    HCG - 5000iu

    HCG - Starting 5 weeks before your cycle ends, inject 500iu of HCG Mondays and Thurdays.

    This will get things working again and by PCT time, you should have testes anywhere from 75%-110% functioning again

    Nolvadex - About a week after your last Test injection, being Nolvadex as PCT @ 40mg/day for the first 2 weeks and @ 20mg/day for the second 2 weeks. This will solve and problems that may have come from HCG or the cycle. I really would not reccommend Clomid. Too low side-effect:benefit ratio. COMMON side effect include:
    Blurred vision

    Truly not worth it, in my opinion, anyway...

    Check these out for more information:
    Nolvadex -
    Clomid -
    HCG -

    He had no problems with Nolvadex ONLY, so HCG during cycle to jumpstart things, and then Nolvadex to ice over anything else should work 100% fine!

    nolva only works!!!

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