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Thread: pct help!!!

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    pct help!!!

    i am about to take d bol week 1-4 and sus 1-10 can someone give me advice in reguards to my pct? i am also encorporate some milk thisle in there also.. any help in reguards to what i should take to keep my gains and or to prevent gyno would be much appreciated...

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    take 10mg/ed of nolva and about 3 weeks after your cycle is done add sone clomid but you will have to ask around for the dosage on that, those are the usal pct for a cycle but you can if you wanted to throw in some clen and some sorta multi vitman if you wanted.

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    no need for the nolvadex until u feel some signs of gyno like (sore nipples, softness of the chest around the nipples or puffy nipples) when u feel that start nolvadex @ 10 mg/day and u can go to 20 mg/day if the signs are pretty obvious. about the pct, 2 weeks after ur last Sus. shot start clomid at 300 mg for the 1st day and 200 mg for the next 3 days then 100 for the next 3 days and then 50 mg/day for 14 days, and along keep the nolvadex at 10 mg/day through out the whole pct period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abstrack
    Has anybody felt the need to use the search button or even browse the plethora of threads in the PCT forum?
    i agree....all of these questions he's asked can easily be found by reading the educational threads and stickies

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    well clearly if i posted here i couldnt find anything.. dont post if yall arent gonna help. dushe bags

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