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Thread: Pct Help

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    Pct Help

    I wanted to know if I mapped this cycle out correctly in order for my PCT to work. If not what do I have to change unorder for my test levels to be low enough for PCT to be effective, and when should I start the HCG and CLomid therpy and at what does. I know this is a lot to ask but I need you help

    Week 1-4: Anadrol 100mg ED

    Week 1-15 Test Enanthate 500mg, EQ 400mg

    Week 12-18 Wintrol 50mg ED

    Week 15-18 Propiante 50mg ED

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    Firstly, lets look at what happens when you inject test. When you inject test, your test level is raised beyond its natural level, so your body stops producing LH and the LH receptors in your testes are not stimulated to produce natural test.

    This causes two problems for recovery. Firstly, the LH receptors in your testes become desensitised to LH. And secondly, post cycle there will be no LH circulating to get natural test production going again.

    The first problem is prevented by injecting 500iu of HCG every four days throughout your cycle. HCG mimics LH and keeps the LH receptors in your testes stimulated. However, you must stop HCG a week before pct is due to start, as this is when you want your body's own LH to take over.

    And then the second problem is resolved by taking SERMS (Clomid and nolvadex ) post cycle. The function of the SERMS post cycle is to raise natural LH levels. Note that i find nolvadex far more effective at this task, but i often enjoy a combination of both; I would run nolvadex at 20mg everyday until you feel that natural test levels are back to normal again, and if you want to run clomid do so at 100mg everyday for no,longer than one month.

    *Note that if you are ever worried about estrogen related side effects it would be best to run 0.5mg arimidex everyday throughout your cycle rather than nolvadex. This is because nolvadex causes a reduction in growth hormone , which will lead to a reduction in gains. But if you do not have this, are wish not to run it, always keep a spare box of nolvadex on hand in case of gyno symptons.

    Hope this all helps.

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    Caz...welcome aboard...haven't i seen you somewhere else today?? anyway, you will like it here man...a lot more activity!

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    i was wondering what king of PCT i should run if any during cycle of test e at 600 mg week for 12 wks, 1st 4 wks run dbol @ 30 mg a day

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    MTMAN42, bro I dont mean to flamon you but why dont you start your own thread instead of stealing mine

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