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    Question Natural Test Stimulation?

    I've been researching my first cycle for quite sometime now. I will be goin with a somewhat low dose throught my cycle (Test E @300-350mg Wk). Now I'm wondering if I should or can stimulate my natural testosterone production half way through the cycle (Wk 5) so It won't dramatically supress. I was thinking of adding 50mg of clomid ED on Wk 5. Is this a good idea or is there a better alternative?

    Wks 1-10
    Test E @300-350mg
    10mg of nolvadex

    Wks 11-12
    10mg of nolvadex

    Wks 13-15
    clomid therapy

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    your body is not going to start producing it's own until your system is cleared of that Test E. Start your Clomid 2 weeks after your last injection. Check out the educational thread up top on Pheednos PCT. Also I would run the Nolva @ 20 mgs a day for the 3 weeks of PCT. Run your Clomid for three weeks also.

    Week 12 - 15:
    20 mg Nolva ED
    Clomid therapy

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