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    Anyone know of any good HCG links?

    I have 30...2000iu amps with only the powder in them...Does anyone know of any good links with instructions for preparation and use of HCG ? I'll be running .25mg ed through cycle and pct of arimidex and have nolvadex on hand throught as well as Clomid but want to be 100% ready as this is my first cycle. My dart is loaded and I'm nervous as hell!

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    You will firstly need to purchase sterile vials and bacteriostatic water. If you reconstitute each 2000iu amp with 4mls of bacteriostatic water, you will get 500iu/1ml (I inject 500ius every four days throughout my cycle stopping a week before pct to ensure no hcg is in my system during pct). You then store the vials in a refridgerator, but dont reconstitute all of the hcg at once, just reconstitute the vials as you need them to ensure they stay fresh.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!

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