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Thread: PCT Help

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    PCT Help

    This is my cycle:
    Testosterone enantate 125mg
    Equipoise 115mg
    Deca 115mg
    Finaplix 115mg
    This is per 1cc.
    I'm using 1/2cc every day for 8wks.

    Can you help me out with a PCT schedule?
    Start times and dosages.
    Also instead of Nolva, can I take Rebound XT? I'm only asking because I can get the Rebound XT for free.

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    Make sure to run your test 2 weeks past the deca /eq, as they both have longer halflives and will continue to supress during your PCT. Running two nor-19 AAS will shut you down hard, I would recommend Pheedno's 3 part PCT consisting of Nolva/Clomid/And Arimidex . You will need all the HTPA stimulation you can get IMO. So like this:
    weeks 1-10 Test E
    weeks 1-8 EQ/Fina/Deca
    Run 200 mgs b-6 e/d throughout cycle
    Weeks 11-12 HCG 250 IU ED or 500 IU eod
    PCT beginning week 13 and lasting until you feel sex drive up and running
    20mg nolva ED
    100 mg Clomid ED
    .25 mg liquidex(arimidex) ED

    Good luck, that cycle will be very supressive IMO.

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    They are all mixed together into the same bottle. So I can't separate them.

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