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    PCT from Anabolic Research

    Just received my liquid versions of clomid and nolva from Anabolic Research. I'm nearing the end of my cycle. This is what I'm taking:
    20 mg of D-Bol ed/7 weeks
    300 mg of Deca 8 weeks
    500 mg of Sust / 10 weeks

    I've got maybe one more week left on Sust. When should I start taking the Clomid and nolva? What dosages should be taken?...the bottles from Anabolic Research don't have any info on them.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Check pheeno's pct, all your answers are there, also check the start time for clomid, there's a sticky up top, I'm pretty sure with sust take your clomid 14 days after last shot, take the nolvadex the same time as clomid. Clomid you go 300mg day 1 then 100mg for 10 days then 50mg for 10 days, nolva goes 60 first day 40 second day then 20 a day untill your clomid is done. all your answers are already on the board, use the search to find them.

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