I finally found what I was looking for by searching the site, it seems like most people keep asking the same questions about pct. I've known how to do clomid and nolvadex but I've read so many different things on hcg it's freaking crazy. So I found a thread here called hcg 2nd draft, and it states that you should use 500iu a day for ten days, then you wait 5 days before you start clomid, which was what was confusing me, is there a break between hcg and clomid? Yes, and it's 5 days, so say your running an 8 week cycle of enathenate, you'd start hcg the day before your last enathenate injection because it's 14 days untill the clomid start time, so you would need to start the hcg the day before to start your proper clomid time, because it would be ten days of hcg which would bring you to 5 days before clomid start. So hopefully this will help some people understand how hcg is used.