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    Time off training during PCT?

    Just wondering if it's normal to take some time off training during PCT?

    I wonder particularly since I have used a short ester in my cycle (namely tren ), would it be wise to not train the first week of PCT as my hormone levels will be so low? ... calories will still remain very high obviously.

    Will be taking igf-1, gh, nolva, arimidex and clen for PCT.


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    IMO - you need to train harder than ever to keep your strength up during this time. Wait to take time off until your system is back up to par - post PCT. You'll need more rest and a little less intensity as your recovery ability will start to drop, as your levels of androgens goes down.

    But don't stop now... keep pushin' to keep you strength up. Your androgen levels are declining and if your body thinks all that extra muscle mass is optional - it will surely start stripping it off... you have to keep feeding it a stimulis (as well as proteins) to stay big even while your body's anabolic ability is in the sh!tter.

    Put it this way: (high calories + no training) * low androgen levels = fat gain, muscle loss

    Remember, 99% of natural testosterone production comes from two sources - the testes and the adrenal glands... Nolvadex helps with elevating estrogen levels, but I would shurely start some kind of Clomid load when all androgens are out fo your system (3 days since last trenbolone acetate shot) to trigger LH to request testosterone from the testes again. Clen , or any stimulant for that matter, can help kick those adrenal glands in the ass.

    Stay motivated, eat well and rest plenty.

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