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    ar letro question

    I purchased some letro and have done some research on how much to take and it gets confusing. Some are saying .25mg per day and others are saying 2.5 mg per day. Sometimes in the same thread the same person is using both these dosages as daily amounts.

    Is it .25mg per day or 2.5 mg per day

    .25mg would be on squirt from ar's bottle

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    2.5mg a day if you see signs of gyno

    0.25mg of letrozole is equivilent to 5mg of arimidex

    i cant tell you how much to use, it determines what your cycle is

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    low doses of letro are shown to work well. Typically if you get gyno, any anti e your taking will be dosed higher until gyno is reversed (if you catch it in time). 60mg ED nolva works to reverse also. If you use as a maintenece drug, .25 letro is fine.

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