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    Who would know the most about PCT's???

    What's up bros,
    I have atleast 5-6 cycles under my belt and have always recovered from them just fine but this time that is not the case. I went and got my blood work done after I finished a 3 week PCT and the results were not good (My natural test was very low) and then I waited another 3 weeks still doing my PCT untill getting more bloodwork and the results were even worse. My test had dropped even lower.
    So as you can see I have a major problem and need somebody who really knows what there talking about. So if there is any Doctors out there or a vet that knows what I'm talking about and feel like they can help me out please give me some good news because as of right now I'm thinking that I'm really screwed!!!!

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    post your questions..many here know about pct..

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    How is your sex drive?

    Have you always had blood tests?

    You do know that once you start roids, it's very very hard for your body to return to it's normal test levels after cycles. So it pretty much will never be as much as it was naturally unless you cycle again. Sad but true. Also, it will come back up but it would take years, and if your 30+ of age it will take way longer.

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    The fact that your test levels may not ever be as high as pre-juice should be right dead and center on the newbie page. I had no idea until after I started.

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