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    hcg with 10 week test/deca cycle

    hey boys, I am trying to decide whether or not to add in HCG after my cycle. For one, it seems to be pretty expensive, at least from my source. I have read many post and threads on this topic, and wow, it changes from person to person. I plan on running a cycle as follows:
    wk1-10: test [email protected]
    deca @300mg
    I have nolvadex for pct,( also have arimidex on hand, not sure if it helps in pct?) Should I use HCG, and if so, how should I run it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by abstrack
    take 500ius twice a week during your cycle, and then run 500ius for 3-4 days right up to PCT
    yep, the "cycle with HCG " school of thought is effective for sure... prevents ball shrinkage before it starts... you can start the HCG in week 3 or 4 to save some $$$$.

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