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Thread: PCT help

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    PCT help

    i just wanted to know what would be a good PCT cycle i am having a hard time trying to find the right mix.
    i am going through with Tren i am taking my chances so here are my stats.
    20% BFT but i am doing cardio to lose some of it.
    my diet i am not to sure but will fix it

    >weeks 1-8 : 50mg Anavar
    >weeks 1-14: 400mg test blend 2ccs
    >weeks 1-13: 300mg eq 2ccs
    >weeks 1-12: 100mg Tren Acet 1ccs everyother day
    >everyday 5mgs/day Anastrozole..(1mg/ml)


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    Your taking too much anastrozole. here is what i would take for estrogen control on cycle and for PCT :

    weeks 1-16 .25mg anastrozole (stay on till the esters run out, at least 2 weeks)
    weeks 16-18 500iu HCG ED
    weeks 16-19 25mgs ED aromasin (exemestane)
    weeks 16-22 (or until sex drive is back) 20mg Nolva ED.

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