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    Hcg Pct Critique

    I am going to start running HCG 250iu EOD until PCT. Currently running Sus 750mg EW. 2 questions:

    1) How long after my last injection should I run the HCG, assuming PCT starts 18 days after my last shot.

    2) SHould I use armidex while running the HCG.

    Was thinking about this:

    Current cycle w/PCT

    1-12 Sus 750mg
    7-14 HCG 250IU EOD
    15 DAY 1 300MG Clomid, Day 2-10 Clomid 100mg, Day 11-20 Clomid 50mg

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    I'd bump the hcg up to at least 1000iu eod, and stop it when you start your clomid. Another posting said to use the hcg during cycle but not during pct, and it gave the reasons...try a search, it was recently posted.

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