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Thread: what pct?

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    what pct?

    hi y'all

    im currently on my second cycle using test e 750mg/pw and deca 600mg/pw

    my question is ive started getting the hard lumps in my nipples(gyno?)
    what pct should i do and for how long ?
    im waiting for my last test e injection then wait 12 days to start pct?

    and how long before i should start my third cycle?


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    Testosterone Enanthate pct start time: 14 days after last injection, u better find some nolvadex for ur gyno 60-80 mg ed until u can feel it's getting better, then reduce the dose to 20 mg ed.
    Time on=Time off till ur next cycle

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    you have gyno. nolva will help, letro can reverse it. Its likely from the test, but maybe from deca ... good luck

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