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    Best PCT for....

    I start my PCT this comin thursday and I had a few questions before I begin. Is it best to do that front load of 300mg the first day or two? Or should I just do 100 mg a day for 30 days? I'm coming off a 400mg a week of Test 400.

    Another question was whens the best time to take the clomid? Do you guys take all 100mg at once?

    Is it alright for me to start using creatine during my PCT? I have a very low body fat and all the water retention left from the Test so I was looking to get some of that back.

    Any other comments or suggestions before I start would be cool. Thanks

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    Mate I would (an do ) go with 100mg Clomid ED for 30 days. Also do 20mg Nolvadex ED as well. You can take the Clomid all at once if you want.
    Creatine you can do whenever you want, it wnt be affected by PCT.

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    there's alot of different ways to run your pct. many people on this board as a rule of thumb suggest 100mg clomid everyday for 30 days and 20mg nolva ed for 30 days. here's how i plan on running my pct:

    day 1:300mg clomid
    day 2-15: 100mg clomid
    day 16-30: 50mg clomid
    day 1-30: 20mg nolva

    im doing it this way basically cause i only have one bottle of clomid from and wouldnt have enough to use 100mg everyday for 30 days. i think either way of running your pct would be fine. but if anyone has any preference i'd like to know too. and which one is more effective.

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    Thats a good point about having only one bottle. I only have one too. This will be my first PCT of any sort. (Done 3 previous cycles with no PCT) So I'll try doing the 300, 100, then 50. Also why does everyone run nolvadex ? Basically for gyno? I have no signs of it and didnt plan of running it as I dont have a bottle of this right now.

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