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Thread: 7oh?

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    Right now my pct is pretty standard...

    It looks like this..
    last 2 weeks during cycle run hcg , 500 ius every 2 days or so , then 14 days after last injection , run clomid and nolva, 300 mg clomids day one , 100 mg for 10 days then 50 mgs for 10 days. and 20 mg nolva through ...

    2 grams of vitc after training to help keep corsticol levels in check , along with 7OH , and u should be good to go..

    I have two questions I was hoping the forum can help me with.

    That last part with vit. C and I run that through the whole pct? If not...when exactly?

    I can't seem to find anything or anywhere to purchase the 7oh? What is it and where can I find it?


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    I don't know what &oh is either. As far as the Vit C run through and beyond.

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    7-OH is a form of DHEA that cant form sex hormones while still having the same benificial effects of DHEA, it is also more potent. Designer Supplements' Lean Xtreme contains it

    You can also use 7-Oxo-DHEA

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