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    PCT help for 2 cycles

    I`m going to do two different cycle in the future and i would like to have some advice pct and hcg .
    My first cycle is 12 weeks with.
    W1-8 Tren .ace300mg/w,
    W1-10 Test,enhante400mg/w,
    W8-12 oral T-bol50mg/day

    2nd cycle.
    W1-3 Dianabol 20mg/w
    W1-13 Eq 500mg/w
    W1-14 Test Enh 400mg/w
    W14-16 Test Prop 400mg/w

    I usually always do 8 weeks, so this is the first time i go for longer cycles.

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    Half way into your cycle you will need a shot of 2500iu's to 5000iu's.Then do 2 shot at the very end of your cycle 2500iu's to 5000iu's then 5 day's later another 2500iu's then you will be okay.That is for both cycle as tren and d-bol are very good at shutting down one's natural test level's and very fast at doing it to ones hormones system.Put it this way in 10 days on d-bol your natural test is suppress by 40% that fast that is why it is need a hcg in the middle of your cycle.Once your finish you hcg you can take nolva's of provirion for the estrogen rebound you will feel better and not lazy or depressed,plus it will help to slow down on the fat deposit that so many get after a cycle.Best of luck.

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    Thank yiu , nice of you to answer.

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