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    what should I got with?

    I know this is the 1000th post on this, but there is soo much information around here i just don't want to mess anything up.

    Im about to start a d-bol/ test prop cycle for 6 weeks.

    what should i use durring and pct for this. I figured after 2 days I would start taking nolva at 10mg a day for like 3 weeks. Im also going to throw in some clen .

    anything elese you guys see or think would be better?

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    Im a lil confused. Prop and dbol ...interesting combo. I would personally do this..if you havent already got the prop
    1-12 test e 500mg/week
    1-4 dbol 30mg/day
    1-14 nolva 10mg/15-18 nolva 20mg
    15-18 clomid 300/100/50 protocol
    1-18 ldex .25mg/day

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    Good advice from Chest6, exactly what I would do as well. Six weeks is too short IMO

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    sounds good guys, i knew i could look to you guys for some good advice. I got the prop for free from a bud of mine and I wanted to try it out some way. I might just go with the d-bol alone as a kick start cycle, then do a good stacked one a few weeks after that one. Like I said I got a shit load of Tren and D-bol, just dont really feel like trying to get some other shit at the molment, but we'll see. I definetly want to stack to make the most out of these cycles. Thanks again guys

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    what does the idex do?

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