im gonna be starting my superdrol the second week in feb and i want to make sure i have everything lined up perfect so i dont end up screwing myself over. this is the cycle that the web sight recomends, but i dont want to run it for 6 weeks the first time.
Superdrol Reccomended Dosage
Weeks 1-2 2 caps (20 mg) Superdrol
Weeks 3-4 3 caps (30 mg) Superdrol
Weeks 5-6 4 caps (40 mg) Superdrol
Week 7 4 caps (100 mg) Novadex XT
Week 8 3 caps (75 mg) Novadex XT
Week 9 2 caps (50 mg) Novadex XT
Week 10 1 cap (25 mg) Novadex XT
i want to do it for 3-4 weeks, not sure yet. 10/20/20 and if i do a 4th week it will be of another 20mg a day. i would use novadex for the ammount of time it says to, i just wouldnt use that much sd. id rather use extra novadex than extra sd. it says novadex is fine, but i have seen everyone els using other things instead. will novadex work just as well? i can get novadex from a store so thats y id prefer that, but if i will keep more gains from somethin els, id go with whatever it is, as long as i can get it.