So i bought the pct from anabolic research, i so far have had none of the usual supporting evidence that it's working, my mildly thinning hair hasn't stoped. ( keep in mind my cycle was T-prop&Winny) I have no usual lil bits of body acne and my balls still feel really small. It's been 6 days sine my 1st days admin(day 1 300mg clomid + 20 mg nolv ed days 2-11 100mg clomid days 12-21 50mg of clomid......yati yata yata, the vets know where i'm going)

So Im thinking of hitting up the border to get the real deal and start from the top.

My 2 questions are: A. Am i acting like a newbie, shut up and take the AR ish cause it's 4 real - OR - is it MOST likely that the AR stuff is major BUll CRAP just like every other "oh we swear it works just like the real stuff" garbage out there? B.should i go to mexico, my hair is whats really pissing me off, its getting to thin for my liking, i use nioxin, restoration hair and proscar.....When will it stop, when can i see growth?

We all know the real deal is just that, real so all u vets who know when pct is working if u tried this AR stuff let me know if u KNOW its real???

Thanx again Dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!