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    When to start PCT for cycle inside.

    This has been a LONG cycle and the gains have been least it seems long .. i've been a pin cushion

    wk 1-4 Dbol 30mg /day
    wk 1-10 Sust 250 @ 500mg / week shooting e3d
    wk 1-12 EQ @ 400mg /week
    wk 8-15 300mg Test Enanthate / week 1 shot on sunday
    wk 8-15 400mg Tren Enanthate / week 2 shots 3.5 days apart

    I have 2 weeks left of that ... When after last tren / test shot should I start PCT ... 2 weeks?

    I'll be starting Femara now for the last 2 weeks and tapering that off to the end of the cycle.

    PCT will be:

    nolva at 40mg ed for 4 weeks then 20mg / day for 2 more weeks
    Tribulus at 2g / day
    B6 @ 200mg / day
    and HCG 300iu e3d if I can get my hands on it (tough to find around here right now)

    I refuse to run clomid (had a bad experience with it last time)

    So back to the question ... when should I start my PCT, as I'm not 100% about the length of Tren E .. 2 weeks after last shot?

    BTW the only adverse side effects I had through the WHOLE cycle was from the tren, mild insomnia and BAD night sweats... other then that smooth.

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