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    How to MIX and Administer (HCG) POWDER / SOLVENT?

    Please Help- I just got my HCG by international mail. I intend to use it as part of my PCT.
    I ordered 3x 5000 I/u ampules.
    I wanted to used 500 I/u a day for about 3 weeks.

    Now I have 3 Ampules of powder marked P.... Chorionic 1 amp: 5000 i.u.
    and 3 ampules of 1 ML PRO p solvent.

    do I break these and mix them into another vial then use 1/10th ML a day for inject?
    Is it even possible to draw 1 / 10th ML???

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    Have a look at the thread I started on HCG INJECTION near the top of the pct page. I was in the same boat as you and was not 100% sure as what to do. But as you will see you need to purchase bac h20 to make your concentrations of HCG. Hopefully this will make things a little more clear if you read the whole thread.

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    yes get 20ml bac water and mix it with 2 of the hcg amps, so 10,000iu mixed with 20ml bac. water = 500ius/ml, dont mix the 3rd amp and save it for the future.

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    You will also need a sterile vial to keep your mixed hcg in

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    Thats about it. Just keep it refrigerated,,,,,should be good for around 30 days.

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