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Thread: Are these real?

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    Mr.Vancouver is offline New Member
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    Question Are these real?

    So I've got these "gel caps" which claim to be 25mg of DBOL 25 by XTREME LABS, has anyone heard of these??????

    Also has anyone heard or tried anything by Titan Phamaceuticals made in China, specifically Sus 250, or Tren 100.

    The injectables look pretty legit but the gel caps are a little bit dodgy.

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    shrpskn is offline Anabolic Member
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    Den sitta på huk ställ
    Got pics?

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    rock hard is offline New Member
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    Aug 2005
    i just scoured some deca last night and on the label it says xtreme, it looks kinda fake to me but i dont know jack #### about any of this, i will try to post a pic but i have no scanner or digital cam so it will be kinda hard

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