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Thread: Naposims

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    im having an absolute worst time, trying to take pics, of my gear. my 5mg dbols. are white with little triangles. i cant get the camera to pick up the triangle. and my vials of test. i cant get a clear shot of the lettering. ive tried multiple backgrounds. and my moms digital camera is new. i just dont get how people take the pics. i screwed around for like 30min. trying to figure it out, with no prevail. it sucks!!!!!!

    any suggestions besides get a better camera. thats not going to happen. and i dont think it would be wise to try with a normal camera and get it developed, it might be ok, but i wouldnt know if it picked up the details.

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    Use "macro" mode on your camera to take picture from short distance. It's the camera mode you can use, when you are taking picture of some flowers for example. Read you camera manual for more infos. You have to use it when you want to take picture with good details. Also light is important.
    After you'll take picture, you can use some graphics program to CROP the picture and modify the final file size.
    As for your tabs - I think it's Naposim (white tablets with triangel). Take a look at These pictures:
    As for your testo - you have to post some pictures

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