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Thread: Real or fake?

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    Go to (oooopppss!) there you will find the pink pills for sale direct from thailand! I don't know if the other stuff is from the same company, check it out. They were around in the UK about 4 or 5 years ago, so if you've got them from a UK source it's possible he's sold you them from this batch which is why they have faded in colour (they may have had a few years). They were going at £100 for a 1000, average street price. I don't know what you paid for them but you have a comparison.

    They are Anabol (D-bol) Methandienone by British Dispensaries Company Ltd and are 5mg tabs. I found the site, but couldn't post it as it is a source!
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    the first picture looks like Stanabol (stanazolol) 5mg (yellow), anabol is always pink. Hi diablo don`t worry you take your stuff from good source ))))))

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