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    how much more insulin can I handle?

    I'm currently taking Humulin R slin. I wake up and hit 4 or 5 units, at lunch time another 5 units(I follow these injections with a low-fat yogurt, I know its not 10 grams per unit, but I've never had a problem with shaky hands or lethargic feeling until I get to 10 units) Then after my workout I'll hit 10-12 units followed with a soda or some sugar wafers or a candy bar, maybe some cell tech. I eat a decent size meal an hour and a half after this. So I'd say my insulin intake is around 20 units a day, 7 days a week. I'm a pretty good size guy, about 216 at 8.5%. Can I take more insulin than what I'm taking, will it do me any good?? Also, I was planning on just burning through this one bottle. How long is too long to stay on insulin?? Thanks for the help guys!!

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    wrong forum bro!

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    was just gonna say that

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    i would say your would gain more if you cleaned up your diet. You didnt get down to specifics but from the looks of it to me it is ****. no offense! just those candy bars, yogurt,soda is ridiculus IMO. Also you PWO1 is kind of a mess to me.

    I would only stay only for 4 weeks at a time, but that is JMO

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