Hey, I was wanting some of your takes on this cycle. Im looking for lean gains and right now im 6', 187lb. with about 10%bf. Ive used eq at 400mg week and saw decent gains on my first cycle but ive never frontloaded. Whats your take on frontloading the eq? Also do you think ill need some proviron or nolvadex because ive read that the winny can act as an anit-E
1 800mg eq/50mg winny eod
2 400mg eq/50mg winny eod
3 400mg eq/50mg winny eod
4 400mg eq/50mg winny eod
5 400mg eq/50mg winny eod/30mg anavar ed
6 400mg eq/50mg winny eod/30mg anavar ed
7 400mg eq/30mg anavar ed
8 400mg eq/30mg anavar ed
clomid post cycle