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    different color oil in my nile sust

    Hey guys. i just picked up a whack load of niles. i have always been aware of the inconsistant amps and different color necks on the vials but with these amps some are clear oil some are slightly yellowish and some look even darker of a yellow., is this normal or somthing to be concerned about?

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    i hear they are ok. like from the sun and so forth

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    I saw a lot of sustanons, and many of them has different colors and also different side (I mean amp height). I was thinking thay are not legit, but after my first visit of egypt I found out the true. Different oil colors and amp height is normal - even in the original packages. Egypt Sustanon is packed by 50 boxes (10x 5 boxes, 1box = 1 amp) and all 50 pieces are wrapped in plastic foil. After you unpack some 2-3 boxes (boxes per 50pieces), you can find a sustanons in different colors and also at the different side (height) inside. First time I saw it I was very confused, but now I know it's OK. Different amp height is nothing special - you can see it from amp to amp, but different color depends in my opinion of serie # and also of manufacture.
    You know - egypt is arabic country and many things in arabic world are not "perfect" :-) even Sustanon
    You cannot compare look of Egypt (nile) sustanon with the Holand one.
    That's my opinion.

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