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    Arrow starting my first cycle in two weeks

    what up bro's

    i will be starting my first cycle in two week's. this weekend hopefully, i can post my picture. i want to show everyone before and after pics. my goals are to eat healthy,train hard, and mentaly focused. this is my cycle and eating plan as followed critques jump all over this. i will take any extra advise.

    200 lbs
    12% body fat
    5 years total gym experience
    past 2 years hardcore.
    age 24
    teston qv cypionate 200 1-12 will dos at 500 mg every week split in half
    nalvadex threw out cycle 1-15
    clomid 12-15 300mg 1 day 150, 50 threw out

    diet plan
    protein shake every 3 awake hours
    6 eggs morning
    tuna mid morning break along with shake
    chicken breast, white rice along with 1 litre of water
    you guy see where im going right?
    1.5 gallons of water or more a day.
    along with b6 600mg ed. for liver protection
    so what does everyone think?... let me know and i will have the pictures out as soon as possible, later bro's...

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    Wrong forum. This is for pics of steroids .

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    that is looking real good to me but i would take it to the steriod question forum, you would get alot more results

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    I know, i just wanted everyone to see what i had in mind and that i would post a before picture of me on this thread. but thanx for the response bro.

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