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    Question Help On Steroids for beginner

    Hi everyone,I'm a newbie on steroids and would like some help on a few questions.

    My name is Fred,I'm 20 years old.

    I started a cycle of Equipoise boldenol undecyclenate (If thats how you spell it) combined with testan 100.

    I take one injection twice a week,I started with 1 ml (0.5 ml Equipoise and 0.5ml Testan).Then went upto 1.5ml and my next injection will be 2ml. (1ml Equipoise and 1ml Testan).

    I'm on the cycle for my second week,and I've already had 3 injections.

    My question to you is whether these two droids combined will work or not.
    I have not seen any results yet,and I'va had 3 injections over a period of 8 days.

    Does it take a while for the stuff to start working or should I simply try more dosages ?

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    Wrong forum bro. Post this in Steroid Questions.

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