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    What can I use to dissolve jonitropin HGH ?

    my jino kits come with ampules but the amps are worthless. They are filled all the way to the top so when you break them at the nexk, al the stuff runs out. It is really a bad design.

    So - what other fluid can I buy to dissolve the GH wafers ?

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    Bacterialstatic water!

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    ...even sterile water.

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    ..actually, you are making a basic mistake when trying to open an ampule.
    Hold the ampule by the top and flick the bottom with your fingers. The liquid in the top will fall to the bottom and the ampule can then be opened by snapping off the top (use a towel for this - the Jin amps are very fragile and break easily). If you dont "flick" the amp like this, liquid will be lost when the amp is opened. Capish?

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