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    Question Better EQ?? need some help on this!!!!!

    which a better product for EQ?

    Quality Vet


    PV Lab 2nd Generation


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    i always use qv. 10ml 200 mgs. i have used it twice and both times with good results. even at 200 mgs a week for only 10 weeks i put on 10 - 15 lbs. i used it both times with winny. and i am prone to gyno so i have to keep the eq under 300 mgs a week or i get problems. but thats just me most guys say you need 12 - 16 weeks of eq at a min of 400 mgs per week. but good luck and happy growing, oh one more thing i get the best pumps on it and they last for like 3 weeks after the cycle.

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