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    Stan QV-50 & Sustanon

    I have never used juice and this is what I've got. Take a look and let me know if I got some good stuff. The pics aren't the greatest cause of the lighting but, I can take more if need be.

    10 amps of Sustanon 250 (Green label)
    1 bottle 20ml of Stan QV-50 (whinny)

    I know this probably isn't the place to ask my next questions but, they go with my pics so here they are.

    1. Where can I get pins and what two sizes will I need? I don't know if I'm allowed to ask where I can get pins so, if that's a no no then one of the moderators can remove that question.

    2. Can anyone lay out a cycle for what I have? Remember I am a first timer.

    My body weight is 200 and my height is 5'9".

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Stan QV-50 & Sustanon-pic00001.jpg   Stan QV-50 & Sustanon-pic00003.jpg  

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    hello, for the winstrol u will need at least 21g needles i've used 23 also but kinda hard time pushing it in sometimes 21 is better for winstrol keep it in mind i've never use winstrol from QV b4, i used EQL and the sus250 21g also, also tryed 23g b4 too on sus250
    good luck
    if u were from FL i can probably help u with needles problems they are legal down here in some counties

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    That amount of gear is either going to be

    1. a short cycle with moderate doses of test or
    2. an 8-10 week cycle of low doses of test

    As for the winny you can stretch it out over 4 weeks towards the end of the cycle. But if I were you, I would save it or get some more.

    So...If I were you, I'd get double the amount of test and winny that you have right now. But if thats not an option, go with option 2. Your diet is going to be your key to success.

    BTW, you can get pins by clicking on the flashing banner at the top of the page. You're going to need PCT too. You can get it there too.

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    Wherever you're from, does your city have a free needle exchange program for drug addicts or anything?

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    looks good to me bro

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