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    Is this QV Deca 300 legit?

    I was just reading some threads, and after looking at my bottle of Deca QV 300, I'm questioning it.

    In the picture, the Enantat bottle has the S.A.G.A.R.P.A and stuff directly above the hologram. The Deca bottle has Sagarpa instead, and it's above and to the left of the hologram.

    I looked at QV's website, and their picture of their Deca bottle showed the layout the same as my Enantat bottle.

    Is this Deca fake? I've never gotten bad stuff from this guy before, I'd hate for this to be bad though.

    EDIT: Well, I got my other bottle of Deca, still in the box, and it's the same as this one. Thing is, on the box, it says S.A.G.A.R.P.A, yet on the bottle it says Sagarpa. Also, the batch # is QVD3-01, which I'm assuming is an older batch, because that earliest batch # on QV's website is QVD3-002 in Jan '04. Could my bottle just be an older bottle, and that's why the layout is slightly different?
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    looks good to go to me, go to QV website and check the batch #s but if there not there dont get to worried they dont update their stuff to quickly i have a bottle of test e QV and the batch #s arnt up yet so just check but other than that ur good to go bro

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    D-Paul is offline Junior Member
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    looks like you got good stuff. Check the QV web site to be sure.

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    shorty33 is offline Associate Member
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    Looks good to me, check the qv web-site. I think they only update it once a month.

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    looks legit to me as well even though i don't really like that deca 300 but i sure do love QV's enanthat

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    what is qv's website did a google search and came up with a bunch of BS

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    yes, its legit

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    They're real.

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    same one i had

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    Its real...have fun dude!

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