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Thread: nolvy need help

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    nolvy need help

    whats up fellas... i recently purchased some nolvadex and it came in a plastic baggie and i questioned it but he explained that he got a bottle of 100 and gave me half and didnt have the original bottle. so i searched my ass off for pics of legit **** but couldnt find any good pics. could anyone send me links or perhaps pics of legit ****. these pils are very plane with no symbols or inscriptions.. should they have some??
    thanx guys

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    post some pics

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    u can bye novedex its legal and its 29.99 i got 2 bottles and it works great because i get real bad nots under my nipples cant think of the name of place but i got the number

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    are they white? silky? could be IP...i got them

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    I wouldn't take what I don't know what it is...Just my 2 cents.
    Another thing is that the expiry date is unkown the way you got your pills.

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