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    I need help on cutting cycle

    Thank you for all your help in advance
    15-19 %Bf
    Cycle results desired- I am really not interested in being big, I would much rather go for the beach body look.

    Diet and eating habits- I used to weigh 320 about a year ago. At first I would literally starve myself and eat as little as possible. However since i have been reading this forum , I have adopted the cutting sticky. I also due one cheat meal a week, usually a sit-down meal, not fast food or pizza.

    TRAINIG- 5 Days a week weight training.
    7 days a week cardio - at least 45 minutes

    Cycle in mind- I am looking to cut and add some pounds of lean body mass.
    so i want to do a test, tren , winny, and clen cycle. Maybe equipose, but i dont know if i will be able to get it through a vets offiice.

    concerns- i will be buying my tren, every cycle i saw on this site is like 500 mg a week. The tren that i have found is like 183 dollar for 10 ml- 75mg/ml. its it supposed to be that expensive.

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    Welcome aboard bro, try to post this thread at Steroid Questions
    section and you'll get the replies you need.

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