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    Apr 2005

    Dbol Real or Fake???? pleae help

    Hey everyone ive been checkin on here for awhile and no 1 really has a pic like this or anything so here i jus figured i take on of the stuff of been takin im told its 25mg dbol pills i jus started week 3 ive been takin 2 a day.. ii tired to crush it with my finger but it didnt its solid and when i take them i usuly bite them first and thats still kinda hard and it doesnt turn to powder... ive seen some gains starting but i jus wanna know what you guys think heres the pic.. let me know what you think.. Link
    Thank you
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    The edges are beveled. Looks like russians.

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    Could be just about anything.
    take them for a couple weeks,
    you'll know for sure then.

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    its not russian dbol , russian dbol doesn't have a score line...

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    ****... i think they are real i dunno i guess ill know in the next few weeks.. Any other help would be great thanks
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    I just got 60 of those exact same pills from a friend of mine. I have the same questions, so I'll elt you know if they work or not in a week or 2. He said its the real deal, but I'll be the judge of that.

    BTW, are they 25mg each?

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    They look good to me bro... i had taken similar ones....
    U would definately see results in a weeks time....
    No to mention a whole lotta water retention along with it!!
    It should be 20mg if i'm not mistaken....
    Then again it could be anything cos i'm not too sure myself!
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    do you have the packaeging that it came in, it kind of looks like IP Androl 50

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